Residential Pool Enclosures

Swimex have a wide range of pool enclosure options to suit any residential requirement.  The enclosure can be telescopic or fixed and any width, length, height and colour to suit your requirements.

All Swimex residential enclosures are manufactured to the clients’ specific requirements.

High buildings – where the smallest section is usually a minimum of 1.9 metres (6’ 3”) high allowing you to walk freely around the pool. If space is available, there is the option for room at one end, or both, likewise along one side or both, allowing space for a table and chairs and sun loungers, providing a nice relaxation area. If the pool is close to the house the enclosure may be attached to a wall, so that it can telescope along the wall. The enclosure can be designed so it opens back to one end of the pool or it can be centre-opening and telescope back to each end.

Low buildings – normally built to cover only the pool, to keep debris out and render the pool safe from children and animals. This also helps to raise the water temperature and creates a comfortable swimming environment in the cooler months.

Lockable doors – can be incorporated at any position in the enclosure, in the end panels or within the sides, allowing convenient access.