Hot Tub Enclosures

Swimex offers a variety of premium designs for hot tub enclosures, providing both value for money and year-round enjoyment with our exceptional home enhancements.’

Swimex Round Hot Tub Enclosure

Circular Hot Tub Enclosure:

Upgrade your hot tub experience with Swimex Circular Hot Tub Enclosures. Indulge in spa sessions in any weather, sheltered by a sleek and contemporary enclosure. Our dome-shaped design, offered in sizes starting from 3.5m, ensures rain effortlessly slides off as you unwind. With smooth sliding doors, you can easily open up 50% of the enclosure, providing an inviting space regardless of the temperature. Enjoy the perfect blend of style, functionality, and comfort.

Swimex Square Hot Tub Enclosure

Square Hot Tub Enclosure:

Discover the versatility of Swimex Square Hot Tub Enclosures, providing year-round access to your hot tub regardless of its location. Our design allows for wall-mounted or standalone installations, ensuring convenience and accessibility. With easy-to-use sliding doors, you can open up the enclosure, inviting a refreshing breeze during the summer months. Experience ultimate flexibility and enjoy your hot tub oasis in style and comfort.

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