Swimex has a multitude of after-sales services available so that you can guarantee your pool enclosure stays in excellent condition and is ready for you to enjoy all year round!

Pool Enclosure Servicing:

A comprehensive servicing by Swimex will focus on maintenance and repairs. This includes applying silicone spray to all moving components to ensure free movement; checking that locks work correctly; re-fitting sliding bolts, as necessary; ensuring the functionality of hinges on swing doors and checking that sliding doors are properly aligned. Finally, any other potential issues discovered by our team will be reported to you, if not identified during the pre-inspection.

Swimex Pool Enclosure Servicing 01
Swimex Pool Enclosure Servicing 02

Pool Enclosure Cleaning:

A cleaning by our dedicated team will help to make your enclosure look pristine. This includes jet-washing the inside and out to remove grime and dirt which will prevent the growth of bacteria. Then all primary water ways within the building design will be thoroughly cleared to allow rain and pool water to drain effectively. In addition, a cleaner and brush will also be used on tough stains and marks.

Swimex Pool Enclosure Cleaning Before
Swimex Pool Enclosure Cleaning After

Pool Enclosure Panel Replacement:

Accidents can happen, particularly in an active garden, so panel replacements for your enclosure can be easily arranged with us, whether it be a side or a roof panel. All replacement panels will also be siliconed in place to reduce the effects of water ingress.

Swimex Pool Enclosure Panel Repair 02
Swimex Pool Enclosure Panel Repair 01

Pool Enclosure Spare Parts:

Swimex maintains a large inventory of spare parts so we can handle any replacements you may need. This inventory includes door handles, door locks, wheels, remote controls, tie-down bolts, tracks/rails, rubbers and roof buttons.

Second-hand Pool Enclosure Installations:

Swimex can also handle the installation of second-hand enclosures. If you happen to purchase a second-hand enclosure from elsewhere, then we can handle the installation at your property. If this interests you then please feel free to contact us, either by phone or email, to discuss the dimensions of your pool and the enclosure that you would like to have installed.

Swimex Second Hand Pool Enclosure Sales 02
Swimex Second Hand Pool Enclosure Sales 01