Hot Tub Enclosures

Swimex have a number of premium options available for hot tub enclosures.

Swimex Round Hot Tub Enclosure

Circular Hot Tub Enclosure:

Get the most out of your hot tub by enjoying spa sessions in any weather, comfortably underneath a stylish and modern enclosure. The dome-shaped design, available in a variety of sizes upwards from 3.5m, allows you to watch the rain simply glide away while you continue relaxing. In addition, the enclosure can be easily opened up with smooth sliding doors to reveal 50% of its surface to the outside – making it an ideal choice for any temperature.

Swimex Square Hot Tub Enclosure

Square Hot Tub Enclosure:

No matter where your hot tub is located, the versatility of this design means that it is always an option, allowing for installations either directly off of the wall of your house or standing entirely independently, granting you year-round access to your hot tub – and with easy sliding doors, the enclosure can be opened widely at the sides, allowing a cool breeze to pass through during the summertime.

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