Pool Enclosure Accessories

Elevate your Swimex pool enclosure with a wide selection of accessories.

Pool Enclosure Soft Rubber Flooring

Rubber Safety Flooring

Swimex offers a versatile and durable safety flooring solution for indoor and outdoor surfaces. Our high-quality flooring is impact-resistant, providing an anti-slip surface that’s designed to prevent accidents on wet or slippery areas. By bonding rubber granules with urethane resin, our flooring can be applied directly to existing concrete or slabs, ensuring a quick installation within 24-48 hours.

Compatible with various surfaces such as concrete, wood, fiberglass, glazed tiles, and metal, our flooring effectively covers existing cracks and blemishes, creating a seamless and uniform appearance. The rubber material accommodates temperature changes, acting as its own expansion joint, whether used indoors or outdoors.

With a three-year guarantee, our rubber flooring ensures long-lasting performance. To maintain optimal results, regular cleaning and maintenance are recommended, allowing you to enjoy a safe and visually appealing surface for years to come.

Please follow this link to see more information and an image gallery for our rubber safety flooring.

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Pool Enclosure Solar Powered Motor

Solar Powered Motors

Would you like to effortlessly access your enclosed pool? Our motorized system offers the perfect solution.

With slimline or tower options available, our motors provide reliable traction and a strong grip. They are designed to seamlessly integrate with your enclosure’s aesthetics, with powder coating options to match its colour.

Powered by solar batteries, our motors ensure uninterrupted operation. Experience the convenience and style of our motorized system today.

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Pool Enclosure Heater

Air Heater Units

Achieve the perfect climate inside your enclosure with our air heater unit. Designed for convenience, our units plug into the end wall and provide ample warmth as needed. Powered by oil or propane, with a standard mains electricity connection, our heating units offer simplicity, power, economy, and quiet operation.

Enjoy uninterrupted quality time with our user-friendly and efficient heater units, tailored to enhance your comfort and create a soothing atmosphere in your enclosure.

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