The Swimex Pool Enclosure Range

Swimex offers the widest range of pool enclosures of any UK supplier.

Telescopic Pool Enclosure enables you to enjoy a completely open swimming pool on warm, sunny days, and a fully enclosed solution when it is raining or turns colder.

A Fixed Pool Building is one that remains in place, providing cover for your pool and helping to maintain the temperature. It is also a great place to store pool furniture and accessories, if required. Ventilation is provided via lift-up sides and access is via doors at the end of the building.

Both types of pool building can be freestanding or attached to an existing adjacent building (lean to or end on).

The enclosures can be any length, width or height or colour and can open in a variety of ways for access and ventilation.

Rubber Safety Flooring

In addition to enclosures we also offer swimming pool rubber safety flooring.

Operation Of A Telescopic Pool Enclosure

This video shows how the doors and the main telescopic body are operated.

Pool Enclosure Manufacturing

This video shows the production facilities of Verandair in Belgium, who make the angled Telescopic Pool Enclosures for Swimes to distribute, install and maintain in the uk.

Summary Of Pool Enclosure Range

This video shows the different types of pool enclosure that we offer.