Swimex Box Enclosures

For a swimming season without constraints and a delightful addition to your garden, consider Swimex Box pool enclosures. These come in 11 distinct sizes, with the option to customise glazing and select from alternative designs. Our flat models extend your swimming season, offering practicality and cost-effective solutions; our extra flat models provide the same level of comfort while saving space around your pool.

Each Swimex Box enclosure features a patented, multi-functional child safety locking mechanism which works automatically to ensure childproof locking.

Other features include:

  • Super flat rails securely anchored to the ground for easy sliding of moving segments.
  • Steel wind hooks for steadfast wind and storm protection.
  • High-quality silicone rubber for excellent insulation between segments.
  • A variety of styles designed to fit your budget and meet your aesthetic preferences.

For more information about Swimex Box enclosures and their exceptional value, please call us on 0800 804 8025 or fill in our contact form.