Swimex Strengthens It’s Sales Team

We are pleased to issue news about positive changes at Swimex.

The Domestic enclosure side (SWIMEX ENCLOSURES LTD) with 22 years’ company experience is now run completely by DEBBIE RUSSELL. After five years career working at Swimex, Debbie has recently been promoted to Associate Director and is now responsible for day to day running of sales, marketing, orders and installation for the Swimex domestic enclosures division. At the same time LAURA ROBERTS is now fully in charge of After Sales for all products and for maintaining our office-based Database and will help develop our Dealer referral programme. Laura is also main contact for domestic motors and air heaters.

Debbie thus becomes Swimex main factory contact for new domestic enclosures, backed up where needed by the MD on strategy and new technical dossiers. Debbie also does the highly effective overall Logistics and Scheduling of Swimex Group manpower resources, relating to all enclosure installation.

Our young Commercial division (SWIMEX FABRICATION LTD) is developing its turnkey skills for supply and install of Commercial size buildings. Swimex has recruited a Commercial Sales Manager, DAMIAN McCOLGAN reporting to the MD, with wide knowledge of construction projects and top brand prefabricated building sales experience, particularly to schools. Swimex turnkey enclosure projects will be developed further, following recent Project Management success on several large school projects. This will help us better present our product and ensure our turnkey projects fulfil their potential at current construction norms – for pool renovation, new pools and all year-round pool use with our Galaxy and Pool Cover enclosures.

Swimex Domestic team contacts via 01832 275 333 or:

Debbie Russell: debbie@swimex.co.uk, on 07803 412 994

Laura Roberts: laura@swimex.co.uk, on 07852 311 795

Swimex Commercial Sales Manager

Damian McColgan: damian@swimex.co.uk, on 07985 103 710