After Sales Service

Our experienced team will service any design of pool enclosure, ensuring you gain the most effective and efficient use of your building.

Our service team will inspect the building to ensure that it is water tight. All moving parts will be silicone sprayed to ensure they are moving freely. The enclosure will be thoroughly cleaned and any faults found will be discussed with the customer and a quotation will be provided, if required.

We can also ensure that we have replacement parts to fix when we visit, if we are advised in advance.

The pictures opposite and details below show an example of a specific service job that we recently carried out.

Low 3 Angled Telescopic Enclosure

Swimex installed Mr Crowley’s pool enclosure in 2003. We received an email from his son saying, “We happy to report that it is still working, but I think it needs a bit of work on it.”

Swimex arranged for their experienced team to service the enclosure and to replace a panel that had blown out. As you will see from the before and after pictures the enclosure was transformed!

Mr Crowley’s daughter couldn’t believe how different the enclosure looked after the service.